E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the most e-marketing methods influential around the world, due to individual direct target, and easily measure, in addition to the low cost of campaigns implementation.

Email marketing is the most efficient tool for sending the right message at the right time to the right person – through the right channel.

it is an integral part of every business strategy and we will help you develop stronger relationships with your customers.

Marketing via e-mail is one of the most important elements that helps to promote your products and increase the interaction of the targeted, and easily measure the return on investment.

UrSpeaer offers within its e-marketing services the E-mail marketing management service within the Republic of Yemen.

  • Building and implementation an integrated strategy for E-Mail marketing,
  • Choosing the right program for the right e-mail marketing plan,
  • Working together with the client to grow its customers database, categorizing them into sectors,
  • Raising the brand awareness among the targeted audience using the e-mail marketing,
  • Analyzing the results of various e-mail campaigns, and provide detailed reports,
  • Develop and implement mechanisms to improve e-mail marketing campaigns based on the preliminary results of these campaigns.

Guarantee e-mail marketing success depends mainly on the existence measurable plan. One of UrSpeaker services is integrating an e-mail marketing along with social media marketing so that helps to ensure the spread of the marketing message to a larger targeted audience. E-mail marketing services is one of the fast upgrowth e-marketing methods in Yemen, where most companies are seeking to acquire more online interactive.

Some services that we offer:

1- Determine the right target:
There will be demographic characteristics or behavioral categorizing and other facts to startup any e-mail campaign. Integrate all data collected with matching landing pages and web analytics and other tools that will achieve the objectives of our clients, obtaining better results than any campaign is implemented using marketing strategies by e-mail only.

2- Develop campaigns and appropriate solutions
UrSpeaker focuses on all details in order to develop any e-mail campaigns, so that the client is cooperated with the appropriate content availabil for the right recipient on a nice design and sent in a timely manner.

3- Take advantage of -email campaigns
Throughout the previous e-mail campaigns outcomes, UrSpeaker will improve the dynamic content and design stronger content avoiding any deficiencies in a previous campaigns.

4- Reports
UrSpeaer keens to provide comprehensive reports to their clients so that those reports give a clear picture to understand and determine the behavior of the e-mail recipient, and help to regulate and tune-in the e-mail future campaigns.

5- Developing e-mail registry
UrSpeaker provides e-marketing services to develop e-mail lists for the clients, the focus is generally on getting e-mails through various online and communication channels for businesses through the following:

  • Determine the targeted audience from the list,
  • Identify appropriate ways to accommodate these lists,
  • Encourage clients and customers to participate in these lists,
  • Classified these lists into categories to ease its future usage.