Digital Identity Management

There are a lot of communication means and media in the digital new world. Companies, institution, organizations, public figures, and even individuals are using social networks, and every single network has its own work style, techniques and unique visitors in a way they interact with, vary according to the scope of the social react, of course, vary therefore how to deal with and where,

For example, but not limited to recall some of the social networking:

FacebbookGoogle+twitterYouTubeInstagramPinterestLinkedIn )

Digital identity is not limited only to social networks but it reaches up to the various search engines (Google, Bing, and others), beginning of the client website of course.

Here, we must maintain the digital identity or the so-called (online Identity), internet identity, social identity, or online attribute.

The Digital Identity is defined as the unified identity with harmonic contacts reflecting the real identity and nature of the user attribute, and unifying the spread of that user identity in the Internet, whether that identity is image, text, or both, and others,, even the general content of the marketing message across the internet media.

We could also define the digital identity as the identity that an internet user establishes online communities and websites. It can also be considered as an actively constructed presentation of oneself, which reveal varying amounts of personally identifiable information. We could also consider it as the data that uniquely describes a person or a thing and contains information about the subject’s relationships.

Digital identity is used widely on e-campaigns to expand e-marketing deployment while ensuring the unification of identity and marketing message to achieve e-marketing penetration rates.

Your Speaker is the only company in Middle East that provide services to develop and manage digital identity for companies, organizations, institutions, public figures, and individuals through: –

  • Development and build the digital identity commensurate with the client traditional identity and his requirements,
  • Manage the digital identity to unify usage across all e-marketing channels, whether social or search engines.

 Your Speaker creates digital identity management strategies in conjunction with e-marketing strategies, which is the essence of digital identity when developing the short or long plans strategies to achieve specific objectives and goals in the expansion and e-proliferation and the stability of the digital identity of the client.