Our Services

The digital revolution has changed the way we work and play almost beyond recognition. Yet the smart, interconnected world we live in now is very smart to adopt very quickly the new e-marketing solutions.

Smart mobility, portable devices and tools, smart phone and tablets are changing the way people interact, along with the fast growth and development on internet.

Smart technology offers the promise of wide reach with tractable methods, which makes companies start looking and compare between the e-marketing and the traditional marketing methods,

Your Speaker offers e-marketing services solutions, including helping our clients to reach their target audience and achieve the best results at the lowest cost possible.

Your Speaker online marketing strategists concentrate in understanding our client’s online business goals and applying them online through planning, content improvement, information building and media tactics and a combination of creativity and technology.

  • E-commerce Marketing Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Paid search and display campaign management.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Blog Development.
  • Training .

Your Speaker strategy relies on providing e-marketing services in the Republic of Yemen involving deep working studies and marketing activities, and then building an e-marketing model plan associated with the effort of the current marketing plan, adopting the existing marketing objectives with those e-marketing tools proposed.

Our Client utilize our services via the following steps:-

Step 1: Discovery
we begin with a conversation about your needs and goals. We help you determine and refine the goals of your online marketing campaign and the target audience. We also give you an overview of the online marketing available modules. We prepare a project agreement which includes a cost estimate. Once the agreement signed, your project can begin.

Step 2: Planning 
Key project stakeholders attend a working session to develop online marketing campaign plan. This step serves several purposes: it lays out the primary structure of the online marketing campaign objectives and content, lets us define the technical requirements, and tells you how much work is needed on your part to create the new online marketing campaign.

Step 3: Design
Our staff creates a design for your online marketing campaign based on your needs and style preferences. This includes ‘look and feel,’ colors, fonts, and message.

Step 4: Development & Implementation
Once you sign off on the plan and design, we implement online marketing campaign for you . We also implement modules you have requested.

Step 5: Testing & Delivery
During this step we test in various online marketing available modules, review  the result, and move the campaign  from a development area to a live area.

Step 6: Maintenance & Stewardship

once the campaign is live, we’ll take care of the system and services.