E-commerce Consulting Services

The world is moving to adopt the e-commerce solutions as an option to overcome the border without restrictions. Doing business transaction whether global or regional and even local to all people without reservation.

Operating an e-commerce to increase the welfare of people and leverage the economic development of communities that adopt it.
The e-commerce sector in Yemen is still in its first steps, but it is directly influenced by the overall growth of all sectors around it.

It is possible to make the most of traditional trade and convert it to an e-commerce application of mechanisms to achieve higher rates of profit, with the lowest costs and expenses. From a large scaled companies to a small shops reaching to business models of family limited; whether it is locally in Yemen, and on regional level in the Middle East.

Connecting the dots between online and offline shopping behavior can be daunting, and it can overwhelm even the best retail marketer.

Here comes the role of UrSpeaker to offer its services in the field of e-commerce in Yemen and outside Yemen and linked it with online marketing, which is indispensable in order to reach the planned objectives, with the highest profit returns on investment, through:

  • Counseling the appropriate plans and strategies for each client and their product specificity to be applied to the e-commerce,
  • Provide different e- commerce solutions, including:
    • Provide comparison of the best e-commerce systems around to commensurate with the specificity of each client and its products, working with acceptance of the work plan and goals set for the project , with the selection assistance as well as the customization the system chosen,
    • Customizing the system chosen according to customer’s requirements,
    • Assist in achieving the highest performance speed overall website presentation,
    • Secure electronic transactions process in all circumstances and associated services using the best electronic mechanisms,
    • Provide appropriate electronic payment solutions available both at the local level or the region and even the world,
    • Advising the appropriate shipping and delivery methods available for the specificity of the products, harmonization between the targeted segment and the its presence in local, regional or international markets,
    • Raise the security feeling when using the e-commerce website by customers by using the highest electronic security methods.
  • Provide and improve services to refinement customer view for the e-commerce website, through:
    • Helping to provide a satisfactory, simplified, and quick shopping experience,
    • Enrich the experience of purchasing, and boost the purchase repetition,
    • Support in building the pricing policy for the products,
    • Assist in set and design the website policies, such as Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and engagement policy; protecting all parties involved, complying with local and international laws,
    • Helping to implement the CRM (customer relationship management) system, elevating the website credibility,
    • Enriching the general content of the e-commerce websites,
  • Provide continuous training on the best e-commerce methods used,
  • Pursuit and deliver the ongoing e-commerce developments and technologies to accomplish the balance between the rapid growth on the e-commerce sector and the world traditional trades; keeping up with our client e-commerce website evolution,
  • Structuring a long-term relationship with our client to provide continued sustainability services along the project term.

Helping the local market of Yemen or even the regional market around to penetrate the e-commerce arena , link all that with online marketing to achieve the highest potential profit balancing with amount invested; spreading all over the targeted market with supervision over the accurate reports; achieving the objectives and goals, .. / / is our specialty in UrSpeaker ….