About Us

Your Speaker is an international company specializing on integration e-marketing solutions.

The company work scope focuses in providing e-marketing services, planning within a deliberate process characterized by clarity and focus on achieving the goals of the client business.

Your Speaker interested in marketing development plans for its clients by focusing on the elements that help to attract the attention of the target audience
All our online marketing campaign thoughtfully structured and measurable in order to achieve the planned targets.

We are committed to provide an e-marketing services and campaigns seated and distinctive by continuous improvement and ongoing follow-up, which delivers marketing message to a larger proportion of the targeted segments.

We fully understand the highest client expectation of their return on investment of their own e-marketing campaigns, thus we at Your Speaker offers innovative solutions with collaboration with major and most known companies and e-marketing platforms in the world.

Highly experienced in the disciplines of e-marketing and e-commerce, where those who has international well known certificates from the largest Internet companies and technology, such as Google and Microsoft.

The actual speaker itself transmits the sound, which without it we can not receive information or messages broadcasted by others, the Speaker here is to help the clients to deliver their marketing message to others across the internet.

Our Vision:

To be one of the leading e-marketing companies, which provides an excellent service mainly concerned in adding valued services to the client, continuously innovating solutions meeting our client needs.

Our Mission:

  • Increasing public awareness of the e-marketing importance.
  • Focusing on marketing strategies designed to gain the attention of the targeted audience instead of buying them.
  • Providing high quality e-marketing services and creative solutions to help increase productivity, reduce costs, and preserve the environment.
  • Promote excellent e-marketing outcomes through staff training as well as national and regional training to enable easiness of dealing and working with digital marketing.
  • Working to provide effective marketing consultancy focused on its core goals and possibilities of the client.
  • Helping the young and the society in general to develop their abilities in the field of e-marketing.
  • Leverage the awareness of the e-commerce, and apply its technologies and strategies to our clients, helping them to gain the most benefit of it.
  • Helping the society to adopt the new e-commerce tools to elevate their livelihood and welfare,

…. be where your customers are ….

Your Speaker is Google Certified Partner